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Badges - Fugitive Recovery - Bounty Hunter - Bail Bondsmen

As a Bounty Hunter or Fugitive Recovery Agent your profession demands the ability to quickly and easily identify yourself to the public as a person of authority. Our fully customizable badges will allow your operators to readily identify themselves to the public - Nothing screams " Authority" than a quality professional grade looking Badge. You can customize your badge with any legal text to give your operators the next level in professionalism and company pride. Do not mistake our lifetime warranted USA mfg. heavy weight Law Enforcement grade badges for the cheap imported badges found elsewhere. Please review the small group of custom badges we offer here - If you do not see the badge style that will fit your firms image we have over 500 other styles to choose from. compliments of Smith and Warren.

S614 Style Bounty Hunter badge. 

Image is of Nickel

M-261 Style - Nickel or Gold also Duo-Tone Available

Starting at $94.00

How to order a custom badge:

  1. Pick the Color or Colors.

  2. On a note pad write down what text you want for each #.

  3. Decide if you are going to order only the badge or with ID case or Belt holder.

  4. When you get to the closeout you will find the special order box. This is where you will input the Text you want on your badge.

  5. Now you can closeout or click continue shopping to add more neat stuff.



This deluxe custom badge features raised Six point star and banners which can be left the same color (as shown in right image) as the badge or contrasting color (as shown on the image at the left). The deluxe raised relief  M261 style badge is one of the most impressive we have to offer for Fugitive Recovery Agents, Bounty Hunters and Bail Bondsmen.


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